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Funeral Directors
We can help you to recover your outstanding debts

The Debt Recovery Bureau LLP (TDRB) have been providing the NAFD Fast Track Debt Recovery Service since 2003.

The first stage of the service is provided directly by DRB, being a ‘pre-legal’ negotiated debt recovery service. Upon receipt of your instruction, DRB will commence a series of letters and telephone calls to your customer(s) in an attempt to secure payment of the outstanding invoice. There are three levels of service provided with the aim at keeping costs to the minimum for the Funeral Director. Ideally, you will be using the NAFD model Terms of Business and the service can be provided at no cost to you.

In many cases the initial letter from DRB shows your customer that you are serious about recovering the debt and can secure payment in full. However, the majority of cases are either unable to or do not wish to settle the debt, particularly in one payment. DRB are have many years’ experience of dealing with such people and are skilled at separating the ‘can’t pays’ from the ‘won’t pays’. With those that can’t pay, DRB attempt to agree reasonable and sustainable instalments. With those who won’t pay, DRB try to understand the reasons behind non-payment and negotiate and agree a solution, resulting in payment(s).

In some cases, additional chargeable services such as tracing customers who have moved or providing an agent visit to the customer’s home may be recommended. DRB will discuss any such recommendations with you prior to incurring any costs.

A proportion of the customers will refuse to pay, despite being legally bound to do so. This is when the second stage of the service, provided by Shakespeares Solicitors comes in (for cases in England and Wales). Shakespeares offer a range of legal solutions that can result in recovery of the debt. Prior to suggesting legal action to you, DRB will have reviewed the case and make their recommendation based upon their knowledge of the customer. Legal action will normally only be suggested when DRB believe there is a fair chance of recovering your money through court action, as there are costs attributed to utilising this part of the service.

DRB also provide debt recovery services to a huge range of other businesses and can assist fellow supplier members in the recovery of debts both from consumers and other businesses.

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