When do you stop providing service to a non-paying customer?

March 3, 2015

Interesting article on the BBC News web-site recently. It has a rather sensational title: Paignton school refuses child lunch over £1.75 debt. However, on reading the article, you can see that:

  • the school has had “significant numbers of previous occurrences of late payments and bad debts on school meals”
  • “The kitchen were abiding by school rules.”
  • “Mr and Mrs Lynn were notified on three occasions prior to the mealtime of interest that their debt was due and that their son would not receive a meal if the debt remained unpaid.”

It does seem that the the school had implemented a sensible credit control policy due to historical problems yet are made out to be the bad guys. Parents would be all too ready to complain if the cost of school meals was increased due to the amount of bad debts.

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