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About The Debt Recovery Bureau

The Debt Recovery Bureau is a long-established debt collection agency specialising in the
commercial sector

The Debt Recovery Bureau was established in the West Midlands in 2003. The company originally worked with Funeral Directors. We still have a dedicated team which looks after this sector. However, DRB has grown over the years and our core team works primarily with the business-to-business sector in the UK and Europe. Most commercial companies have some late or bad debt.  We help them (or in some cases insolvency practitioners) to get these debts paid as quickly as possible.

The Debt Recovery Bureau has a reputation for prompt debt collection.  This helps reduce your trade debt, improve your cashflow and lets you get on with your business. The great news is that our service is free for all your Business-to-Business debts. Our costs are added onto your debtor’s invoice as covered by the European Directive 2011/7/EU.

No matter what the debt is, we only get paid when you get paid.

How we work

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Debt Recovery- Fee Free for Businesses

No Win – No Fee for Consumer Debts

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Our Services

Our core business is debt recovery. Hand over your debt book to us and get on with your usual business.

You can minimise your exposure to late payers and bad debts. DRB can help you put in place clear credit control policies and procedures.  

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You can rest assured that we will manage your debt book professionally and efficiently.  You will see an increase in your cashflow and your attention is freed up for more important business matters rather than chasing old debt.

No agency can collect every debt referred. If your customer can pay then we can recover the debt. In the majority of cases, this is achieved in-house by our appropriate specialist debt collecting team. Occasionally, where ability is there, but not the intent, legal action may be necessary to recover the debt.

The only two requirements are:

  1. Each individual debt is over £300
  2. There is no dispute.

Our debt recovery service is free for all business-to-business debts. For consumer debts, in the majority of cases, debt recovery is provided on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis – we only charge a percentage of what we recover.

Discover how DRB can help your business by contacting us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

Free Business Debt Recovery

DRB can recover your all of your business-to-business debts for free. We add our fees onto your debtor’s invoice. This is covered by the European Directive 2011/7/EU which came into force on 16th March 2013. After all, why should you lose money collecting what is rightfully yours?

By giving the DRB your debt book, you can relax knowing that your late and bad debts are being collected in a professional and efficient manner.

We invite you to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

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Prevention is better than cure. It is not possible to avoid late payers or prevent bad debt completely. However, DRB can help you to put in place a set of clear credit control procedures and policies. This starts with a detailed set of terms and conditions and ends with handing over any remaining late debts to us at the appropriate point.

We can devise a number of simple to follow steps, tailored specifically for your company, which can save you a lot of frustration, not to mention possible cashflow problems, in the future.

For a frustration-free future, we invite you to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

Next Steps

We usually work with businesses in two steps:

  1. We take over the management of your debt book.  This allows us to rapidly clear up your existing late and bad debts. Then, to minimise the future growth of this list, we:
  2. Develop a clear set of credit control policies and procedures for your business. Once communicated through your business and applied by your staff, these will greatly reduce your exposure to late payers and bad debt in the future.

Each industry, and even businesses within a specific sector, are different. This requires a different set of terms and conditions and credit control policies and processes for each business. While the principles remain the same, there is no one-size fits all. DRB will help you to develop the best credit control for your business.

We invite you to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

What happens when your debtors disappear?  Whether consumers, business owners or even a relocated company, DRB can help you find them and recover your money.

Sometimes the only solution is a frank one-to-one conversation with the individual or business owner. DRB can arrange a professional agent to visit your debtors. 

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One of the most frustrating circumstance is when the debtor (consumer or business) has left their last known address. This is not uncommon and it can cause a major headache for your business.

DRB can take the strain and we are often able to trace your debtors using our systems. Our internal tracing service is provided to you free of charge and forms part of our debt recovery service.

However, if your debtor has covered their tracks to avoid detection then, we are able to utilise the service of two specialist tracing companies to carry out in-depth tracing for us. We require that all tracing Agents verify the information they supply using two separate methods. There is an additional cost for this service, however it can be added to their debtor’s bill if it is a Business-to-Business debt. In other cases, where your terms and conditions allow, the costs can be added onto the debt and recovered from your customer.

You are invited to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at to trace your disappearing debtors.

Avoid Disappearing Debtors

There are a number of simple steps that you can take to avoid disappearing debtors:

1. Assess your customer’s creditworthiness. Sometimes salespeople are so keen to make the sale that they sign up new clients without checking their credit score or creditworthiness.

2. Invoice promptly. This is vital if you are to move onto the final important step as soon as possible.

3. Rapidly chase up your debts. The main reason that debts from creditworthy people or businesses go unpaid (whether due to disappearance or insolvency) is that they weren’t chased up quickly so giving time for circumstances (including addresses) to change.

Things can rapidly change. An individual in a good job today may be made redundant tomorrow. The company that has always paid its bills on time suddenly finds that their main customer has become insolvent owing them a large amount of money. There are numerous factors that can change an individual’s or company’s creditworthiness overnight. By allowing as little time as possible to pass between the debt being accrued and paid debtors have less chance to disappear or become insolvent.

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Often debtors (both private and commercial) will seek to avoid contact when being pursued for payment of an outstanding invoice. They refuse to take your calls or answer your letters. This can be very frustrating and time consuming.

A visit from a professional debt collection agent might be the answer.

In cases where the address of your debtor has been confirmed, we are able to instruct an Agent to visit them in person and arrange for repayment of the debt. They will seek to obtain full financial details from the debtor to ensure that where repayment is not immediately made in full, that any repayment plan agreed ensures repayment in the shortest possible time.

They can also assess the assets the debtor may own prior to commencing any legal action through the courts.

DRB have access to a network of over 220 Agents who cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

There is an additional charge for this service, however, in the case of Business-to-Business debts it is added onto the customer’s bill so it is free to you. In other cases, where your terms and conditions allow, the costs can be also be added to the debt and recovered from your customer.

You are invited to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

Why DIY Visits are a Bad Idea

We highly recommend that you use a professional agent to visit your debtors rather than do it yourself.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. People (both debtors and creditors) can become highly emotional, especially with large sums of money involved. Debtors can feel intimidated and collectors may find themselves open to abuse. Sometimes debtors can effectively bluff and occasionally creditors over step the mark of what they can legally do. You need an emotionally detached, independent agent to do the best job of collecting your debt.

2. Common reasons and excuses. Our professional agents have heard them all before and know how to deal with them effectively.

3. It can be a stressful and frustrating task – especially if it is a significant sum which your business needs now.

4. Our professional debt recovery process is usually sufficient which saves you the time and frustration of making a visit.

Save yourself time and stress today. You are invited to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

Litigation is a waste of time and money if the individual or company doesn’t have the money or assets to pay the bill. Our pre-legal services remove the guesswork for you.

The last resort, after you have established the individual or company is able to pay, is legal action. This is usually unnecessary but sometimes litigation is the only option left to you.

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Where it has not been possible to recover the debt through our usual processes, it may be necessary to consider legal action. This should always be your last resort as usually our standard procedures will result in the debt being paid. The sole exception is where time is of the essence and you fear that your debtor may disappear before the debt has been settled.

However, before you consider legal action, you should try to establish how successful any legal action is likely to be. Unsuccessful legal action merely incurs expenses and adds to your loses.

DRB can provide you with a pre-legal report. This will let you know if legal action is likely to be successful. If it is then it will guide you to the most appropriate way to recover your debt through the courts.

You are invited to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

Understanding Legal Action First

Legal action has two steps:

  1. Obtaining the judgement and, if necessary,
  2. Applying for enforcement of the judgment.

In order to ensure that legal action is successful you must ensure that there are means to enforce your judgment. Our pre-legal report will provide you with the information you require to establish whether you have a route to enforce any judgment you obtain.

Whether or not you wish to proceed to legal action is always your decision and will never be undertaken without your approval. You can rest assured however that if you decide to proceed down this route that you will be provided with the information you require to make an informed decision.

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Legal action is usually the final resort after you have explored all other avenues and established that your debtor has the means to pay. Our pre-legal report will give you a clear indication of whether your debtor is a “won’t pay” or a “can’t pay”.

Some companies want to move straight into legal proceedings. Using solicitors for debt collection can be expensive and is often unnecessary. DRB is happy to refer the work to our solicitor, if needed, but most of the time we can get your invoice paid without the risk of you paying heavy legal fees for debts which may not be collected.

Best Deal for Legal

Our legal work is undertaken by Shakespeares solicitors, who are the second largest firm of solicitors in the Midlands. They, together with The Debt Recovery Bureau LLP, are founding members of the NAFD Fast Track Debt Recovery Service.

Shakespeares are committed to providing a competitive legal service to clients of The Debt Recovery Bureau LLP and as such, their costs will often be lower than those quoted by your own solicitor.

If however you wish to retain your own solicitors to carry out legal work for you then we are more than happy to liaise with them directly where required.

You are invited to contact us today on 0800 440 2359 or e-mail the team at

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Now you can find out before you provide a significant line of credit or consider working with new partner companies. For only £12 we can provide you with a detailed company report. Includes information on credit ratings, advisory credit limits, outstanding mortgages, CCJs as well as historic account information and Directors to help you make the best decisions for your business.

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“May I take this opportunity of thanking you for the extremely professional service we have received from you over the last few months. We were extremely dubious about handing over our accounts due to the fact we have had dealings with other debt collection agencies in the past with a less than satisfactory outcome.”
Satisfied DRB Client
“We would like to express gratitude to you all at the Debt Recovery Bureau for the swift action and help you showed to us in recovering monies owed to us by bad payers.”
Satisfied Client
“We have always received a friendly, professional service which has had a high level of success in the recovery of fees on our behalf.”
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